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NR lined fire hose

  • Consists of high strength synthetic fiber (out jacket) and sulfurating natural rubber (lining) with particulars of abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and no leakage, etc.
  • It is mainly used in transporting water or other fire extinguisher with fire control box, fire control pump, fire hydrant, fire vehicle
  • It is widely used in Industry & Mining Enterprise, Shipping, Dock, Petrochemical warehouse, Agriculture & by-product etc.

EPDM lined fire hose

  • Rot-resistance, circumnutates-resistance, high-pressure-resistance, high-pressure-resistance, climate performance-resistance, etc.
  • Longer life and better security, and particularly suitable for petrochemical and cold areas

TPU Lined Fire Hose

  • High strength and its tearing strength is the three times of natural rubber lined hose.
  • Better abrasion-resistance which is 3 to 5 times of that of natural rubber lined hose.
  • Better oil-resistance and has little affinity with un-mineral oil. It will be hardly corraded in the fuel.
  • Good climate¨Cresistance. It will never distort after used continually under high temperature of 80°C -90°C or fragile under the low temperature of 50°C -70°C
  • Used more convenient. More lighter, mainly be used in some industry-miner enterprise, petrochemical oil storage , shipping dock, slap-up buildings etc.

TPE lined fire hose

  • Good performances of heat-resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance , high-pull resistance.
  • It is suitable for fire army, factory, shipping dock, storage of chemical industry and agriculture with reasonable price and good utility

Home » CAN-FLEX™ » PVC Hose » Jacket Fire Hose